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Customers frequent asked questions

With the hardtop you will have, Probably the best from both worlds (Coupe and Spider) the Spiderfreedom and good-looking Coupe, but being different than Original Coupe.

No, you don’t have to destroy your car, drill it, to attach this hardtop.

The four latches are independent and spring loaded using the existing cars attachment points.

The volumes defining the cabin side of the hardtop, have been shaped in such a way to prevent the presence of sharp edges, tight creases, providing a head impact friendly environment, in an unexpected incident.

This product it’s a solid structure made of two composites panels, in which the interior panel have a transversal triangular shaped to ensure structural stability, the panels are bonded together with structural adhesive, and together they form a very rigid assembly.

It takes considerably more effort to attach it and detach it to/from the car.

In part due to the different constructive solutions/materials – foldable/textile vs. hard/composite panels.

It depends on the configuration you make.

The total weight varies from 4.8 Kg to 5.3 Kg depending on the coating selection and isolation foam.

The OEM weights 6.5 Kg