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Product Description

This is a handcrafted artwork! Each piece may have unintended slight differences.


What is this CAR ARTWORK?

This is an original artwork, intended to complete the exterior appearance of your 4C Spider, offering you an exotic material alternative.

This is the development effort of ONE person, with a main idea and many question marks!


What is not!

This is not a duplicated OEM part, not developed by the manufacturer!


  • The Composite panels

There are 4 composite pieces in this assembly, all of them carefully handcrafted.

The weight and structural strength requirements implied the use of only carbon fiber PrePreg while curing the parts in Autoclave at the prescribed temperature and pressure parameters.

Attention was paid to avoid galvanic corrosion in between metal parts and composite panels.

  • Metal work

The main components where custom CNC made. Aluminum and stainless-steel for light weight, strength and weather resistance.

The springs and the bolts are stainless steel German made.

  • Assembly

The composite panels are glued together, using Epoxy structural adhesive, carefully selected by the panel’s manufacturer specialist.

  • Optional Foam its applied-on request before final assembly.

The gluing stage its finalized by a curing cycle in a hot chamber at a precise temperature.

  • Painting

The assembly its carefully prepared for the varnishing and painting operations.

Both Sides of this hardtop are covered with UV protected coatings.

To cover a broader range of customer expectation, three interior coatings are available to choose from: Glossy, Satin and Matte.

Final polishing it’s performed.

Additional information

Optional Noise isolation 3cm. thickness convoluted foam.

  • Context

While running at speeds over 145 KMH (90 MPH), a slight resonance noise was noted inside the cabin, behind the occupant’s heads.

The resonance noise became notable permanent at around 233 KMH (144,7 MPH).

  • Corrective measure

To reduce this noise discomfort, a foam padding was added as option, to applied inside the main cavities of the assembly.

  • Advice

Choose this option if you leave in a country where the Maximum legal speed would allow you to pass the speeds at which the noise discomfort appears.

Be aware that adding this option will increase the overall weight.


  • Disclaimer

Choose carefully before ordering, there is no constructive way to add or remove this option after the gluing stage was completed.

No order cancelation will be accepted, for changing your mind, after manufacturing stage was completed.